As I travel extensively throughout the United States breaking the Bread of Life, I am continuously seeing God’s healing power manifested in those whom I pray for. Below are some of those testimonies that people have written and sent into our ministry.  If your life has been affected by this ministry and you too have been healed by the power of God, then please write us and share what the Lord has done for you.  Remember what Revelation 12 :11 says, “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony.”  Healing is a manifestation of the love of God.  Because His love never changes, He wants you healed and made whole today!

If you have been in one Todd’s services and have experienced a healing or miracle in your body as a result, please write and tell us about it. Let us share with others what the Lord has done for you!

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ:

My intention in writing this letter is to first of all thank Rev. Levin for being an obedient vessel and servant of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

After giving his teaching on understanding the fear of the Lord, He calmly called for an alter call.  In his invitation the Rev. mentioned that he had seen many supernatural things occur with such calls.  AS I eased myself out of the pew, I stood at the front of the church respectfully waiting for a sister in the Lord to be ministered to.  As I stood there, part of me was praying that my sister’s needs would be met and the other part was wondering, was this truly going to be the day of my miracle.

When I was motioned to come forward, I had a resolve that I was indeed tired of my trial.  My request for prayer was simply spoken.  I need a healing.  I have been in debilitating pain for 23 years.  I was suffering from a serious back injury and as Brother Levin started to address my pain I also added, my neck was a painful result of two whiplashes.  My dear brother stooped down and spoke into my lower back with the power and authority from Jesus Christ.  At the same time his hand reached up to my neck and also called the pain out by His stripes I was healed.

The entire process was so quick.  I was hopeful but unsure of the results.  When asked how I am now, I noticed immediately my neck had full rotation and mobility.  The Reverend then asked me further, how was my back.  I had to reply, it doesn’t hurt now.  I believe the Reverend senses unsurity my reply about my back and I said, time will tell.  Emphatically my brother stressed that I must believe now.  I vocally agreed. My heart was unsure.

Living just a short distance from the church, my wife and I arrived home quickly.  It was then that I tested my healing.  Immediately great joy and release came to my 49 year old body.  I realized I could do things that I haven’t been able to do since my industrial accident on June 8, 1983.  I remembered that with Reverend Levin’s final greeting he asked me to write him in about a month.  Praise the Lord, for my back and neck are pain free and healed!

My life is completely different now.  My real pain has been lifted, by the power of God through an obedient servant.

I whole heartedly thank Todd Levin Ministries as I praise my Savior for His promise of Isaiah 53:5, “For He was wounded for our transgressions.  He was bruised for our iniquities:  the chastisement of our peace was upon HIm and with His stripes we are healed.”

David L. (McHenry, MD)

This is an honor and pleasure for us to write to you this email and share with you what our Lord Jesus did through you for us.

Anne and I will be parents in two months. This miracle made by Jesus started, we believe because we felt it, when you came in Open Doors Church in Vermont in 2003 and prayer for us. May be I should explain a little bit for the understanding of the context.

Born in Ivory Coast (west Africa), we gave our life to God in 1991 and got married in our home church 3 years later. God open the door for us and we moved to Belgium where I did my PhD in biological engineering and we stayed faithful to God by being committed to the church and having some responsibilities too. During these 8 years spent in Belgium, we were praying God for having a baby and also we tried several medical treatments to achieve this goal. We knew that Jesus would answer to our prayers but we didn’t know when. We did a mistake by not given to him everything and let him solve this problem for us. We were distracted by our human nature by given too much part to the medicine. Anne tried different medications and did three surgeries but these didn’t work.

Then, we moved in USA in 2002 after getting a post-doctoral position as a researcher at the University of Vermont. We started a new dimension of worship and serving Jesus. This church was such a blessing church for us with Pastor Randy. We were continuing to pray in for this subject.

When you came in our church in Vermont, during the prayer, God spook to my heart by asking me to raise my hand and go to the front with my wife and asked you to pray for us in order to have a baby. When we went to the front, we felt such a tremendous power upon you.  We were particularly blessing by your faith when at the end of the prayer you said this to us: “when the baby will be born send a picture of him to me”. I will never forget this moment in my life and at the same moment God told to me “see, this man of God faith is higher than yours, but you are the one who are expecting to receive something from me”. This was a teaching for me because I have never experimented before this high level of faith. We went home and our spiritual life started being totally different. The seed has been sown inside of us. Our spiritual ways of looking things changed. The waiting time was no longer long because Jesus has already provided. We promised that when the baby will be born we would send a picture of him to you. It is now just a matter of time.

The due date is February 23rd 2005 and everything is fine. We didn’t know yet the baby gender and it is not the most important because everything God give is good.

We just want to thank God for what he did to us through you and also to thank you, for being receptive to the voice of God and such great example of faith you teach to us.

May our Lord Jesus bless you, your family and ministries!

We love you in Jesus-Christ,

You prayed for me when you were at Oasis Christian Center for the continual drum beats in my right ear. It ceased that very day you prayed for me! I will remain delivered!

Thank you.

A miraculous healing took place during a service at Grace Outreach in Norwalk, CT. My entire right side – arm, hand and leg were paralyzed from a stroke 5 months before. As Todd prayed for me to be a witness to Christ, my right hand started moving! Praise the Lord! I am on fire for Christ witnessing to anyone that will listen. My doctors were stunned and are still looking for a “medical reason.” But I continue to tell them, this is a miracle! Each day sine, my arm & hand move and I am 95 % of my pre-stroke condition. I can’t tell you how much I want everyone to hear about my miracle…from here on I will expect miracles.

Four years ago while I was in my classroom, one of my students found me convulsing on the floor. After having 4 grand-mal seizures in my classroom I was taken by ambulance to the hospital. It was there that I was diagnosed with epilepsy. I began to take 3-4 different seizure medications a day. I could no longer drive or concentrate. I was not myself. I would have multiple seizures daily, despite all of the medication. Two years ago I had a UNS implanted to help control my seizures. Although it helped, the seizures continued ruining my life. A few months ago when Todd visited my church, he prayed with me for my healing. Since that day I have been seizure free and medication free.

Thank you Jesus!

(Note: due to the seriousness of Michelle’s condition, she was unable to have children. To God be the glory, when I saw her last in church, she introduced me to her 4 month old baby boy!)

Just want to thank you for praying for my tennis elbow. Since you prayed, I have no pain in my arm. No soreness either! I give God the glory for touching my arm and healing it through Jesus. I thank you, because you are the vessel He used. Bless you always!

I held a 3 day meeting at Wauchula Worship Center in the state of Florida. These are some of the testimonies that the people gave the final night.

  1. Having wearing glasses and blurred vision, after prayer, the vision is sharper.
  2. I have constant soreness in the heel of my feet when I press down on the heel on the heel, I can’t find where the soreness is anymore.  Back healed – had felt pressure like a ball pressing on her back for 13 yrs., after prayer, all the pressure is gone.
  3. Had sinuses for 22 years, unable to breath freely, after prayer can breath freely.  The cartilage in the knee had been rubbing causing pain and discomfort for a month.  After prayer, can bend freely without pain.
  4. Threw back out, excruciating pain, restricted movement, after prayer, back relieved restrictions gone
  5. Irritations and blurriness of the eyes for years.  Had surgery on the left eye in 1988 but then it got worse.  After prayer, the pressure and heaviness is gone, and the vision is clearer.
  6. Child born with a lazy eyes  – one eye would drift at a time causing cross-eyed- ness.   Doctors suggested corrected surgery.  Parents brought child forward for prayer and testified a couple days later, that since hands were laid on him, the child’s eyes have been straight ever since. (19 months old) John
  7. Had excruciating pain in back causing severe pain, and chest pains off and on, after prayer, all pain left instantly and still healed 3 days later.  (Mary)
  8. Last night came for emotional, mental healing that had been caused through family problems. When hands were laid on me, she said it was like physical daggers of fire were shooting through her chest and upper body was on fire with the power of God as it went through her body.  It was like everything was of fire as the disappointments, the anguish, the hurts and pain from a small child all left.  The Joy of the Lord overwhelmed her completely! (Barbara)
  9. High blood pressure went down, had burning sensation in the balls of the feet, all the burning left. (Mack)
  10. Had torn ligaments in the right knee, after prayer, was able to bend his knee all the way up, and squat up and down. (Daniel)
  11. Six months ago was in a car accident where her car flipped twice and broke her sternum, whiplash and compression fracture in one of her vertebrates and was in terrible pain for months.  After prayer, her back was healed and all discomfort and pain left. (June)
  12. For 2 weeks eye continually watered.  After prayer eyes healed and stopped watering. (Doug)

Wauchula, Florida

I had 3 herniated disks in my neck, my spleen was removed, and I had back pains and shoulder pains all the time since 1983. I’ve had 6 surgeries for this and nothing has helped. I couldn’t turn my neck without it cracking and look at this! Q: When was the last time you could move like this? Since 1983. (This same night when I prayed with Mary, she also received the Lord into her heart.)

Mary C. (Jeannette, Pa)

I had injured my back at work after falling off a ladder. Then two days later I fell from the steps and my neck and legs went temporarily numb. I came forward to get healed and I was. I have no problems at all. The Lord healed me. I’m ready to go back to work and I didn’t think I would be working for a long time. He healed my back and everything! It’s like it never even happened. (This same night when I prayed with Jeff, He also received the Lord into her heart.)

Jeff J. (Jeannette, Pa)

When you visited Word Family Church, you asked for people to come forward who needed prayer. Well I was one of those people. You prayed and then got down and prayed over my feet. I had been having terrific pain in both of my feet. It felt as if knives were sticking into them. Some times at night the pain was so awful that I had to take pain pills so I cold get some sleep. As you prayed over my feet, I felt a warm feeling go through my feet. I could move my feet – NO PAIN! Praise God! That was the first in about two months. Still I do NOT have that pain!

Alberta Stokes (Hazleton, Pa)

This letter is long overdue, for that I apologize.  I could never forget the date you were at Victory Fellowship in Garner, NC.  You taught us to confess God’s word over ourselves for our healing.  It went like this: “Today is November 6th.  Hands were laid on me, my church prayed and agreed with me, therefore it is a confirmation of complete healing of my eyes and blood pressure.  By His stripes it was already done and it is now mine, in Jesus’ name!”

You and I and the whole world know that there is no cure for glaucoma and blood pressure.  I was spending $55.00 co-pay on eye drops and blood pressure medication monthly.  After the prayer my eyes improved tremendously.  My eye drops burned so much that I could not use them.  The best part was that I waited for an appointment with the ophthalmologist and he confirmed it.  I take no more eye drops nor any blood pressure medication.  To stop taking blood pressure medication you better be sure it is from God.  It has been two months – I’ve been medication free and I’m thanking God everyday!

Marie Pitts (Raleigh, NC)

I received a phone call from my CPA recently. His testimony was as follows: “After you prayed for me, I went in that week for my scheduled surgery. It would be open heart. I was having my mitro valve replaced. The doctors had told me that I would be out of commission and taking it easy for about a month before returning to work. The afternoon before the operation, the surgeon walked in and said you do not need to have surgery. Three doctors looked at him and said that this surgery doesn’t need to be done. I am on cloud nine and so thankful to God and thank you for praying for me!”

The last time you came to Oasis Ministries, you prayed for me for a stomach bacteria infection. I had suffered for years and antibiotics had not helped. God healed me. Praise the Lord and thank you for being obedient!

Dear Brother Todd,

I have been healed of two major afflictions on two occasions that you visited word family church. I am only 24 years old, a wife and a mother of 4 young children.

The first time you laid hands on me, I was healed of asthma which had plagued me for my whole life. When you prayed for me I took the first deep breath I had had in 20 years. That same day you laid hands on my at the time 2 year old son who was having back and ear problems and he is now the picture of health.

Today on 2/20/2011, I had been having some severe pain in my left leg due to what the doctors had said was probable nerve damage and I would walk with a limp for the rest of my life and be confined to taking medication for the rest of my life. You prayed for me and I can now walk without a limp. I at the time was also having problems with depression and feeling like I was in a black pit but I have been filled with the light and I can get through the tough times we are dealing with.

With many prayers,

Stephanie T, Hazleton, Pa

Dear Todd. On Sunday, February 20th, 2011, you were the guest speaker at Word Family Church, Harwood, Pa. I am a member of that church for over seven years. January 6th 2010, I had spinal surgery at Penn State Hershey Medical Center, Hershey, Pa. I had C3-4 removed and bone grafts put in there place and a plate also put in. In November, 2010. I was rear-ended and my car was totaled. I have been having terrible pain, and have been receiving therapy, etc. I came to you after the service for healing as I couldn’t turn my neck to the right without pain. After receiving your healing I had no pain and could turn my head. The therapist I go to couldn’t believe the difference in my mobility. Thank you Todd for laying hands on me and most of all thank you Jesus for your healing.

God Bless,

Mary Boyer

Dear Todd, You recently came to our church at Crossroads in Jeannette, PA and prayed over my son Michael who was diagnosed with a hearing loss in November. Michael had chronic ear infections for almost a year and he then got tubes in October of 2009. He went back to Children’s Hospital for several hearing test from October until December and every time he was failing his hearing test. Michael was scheduled to have a hearing test called an ABR in January, but do to illness he was not able to have it done. And one week later you (Todd Levin) arrived at our church. You proceed to tell everyone that if they needed prayer to come to the front of the church. Well my husband and myself came up to the front and you prayed over Michael and I don’t know if you remember, but when I took Michael to the back of the church he told me “mommy I can hear” and I said “hear what Michael” and he said “I hear from my ears”. Now at that moment we very pleased with what he was telling us, but had no real conformation to know what he could hear because he is only two. Well I am please to say that Michael has been healed by GOD!! Today on March 5, 2010 we took Michael to Children’s Hospital and he had his ABR done. The doctors came out and told us that Michael now has PERFECT hearing!!! Michael had the ABR hearing surgery test and the previous hearing test that he had been failing before and he was PASSING all of them!!! The doctors even said, “I love giving good news”! Thank you ( Todd) for praying over Michael! And Thank you GOD for all the great healing that has taken place in Michael!!!!

Thanks again and God Bless You,

Holly Shaffer