Purpose & Vision

After serving nearly fourteen years abroad on the mission field, directing Reach Out for Christ Ministries in the Czech Republic, and pioneering eleven churches and raising up Victory Bible Center, Todd and Eva Levin have returned to the United States in 2000. Presently Todd continues to minister extensively across North America bringing a message of repentance, revival, faith and healing to the local churches.

Having relocated their ministry base here, Todd and Eva’s eyes are turning to wider horizons as they have begun traveling to new churches, new nations, building and strengthening, evangelizing, discipling and bringing God’s healing power to this generation.

Since 1991, when Todd first went into Czech, he has raised up Victory Bible Center, a full time Bible school and eleven churches. Now Czech nationals pastor the churches and all but one are graduates of Victory Bible Center.

It took many years to build the churches to the point that the Czech Graduates could pastor them to begin impacting their country for God.

“The ministry is now running on its’ own. There was always a vision in our hearts to awake Czech nationals from their spiritual sleep, equip and prepare them for the ministry to their own nation.”

The Gospel is the power of God for salvation and this is the time and the hour to see the harvest come in! As we proclaim Jesus, the Christ, across this nation and around the world, our goal is to reach troubled hearts, stir the churches for revival, teach Christians worldwide their covenant rights and privileges and how to fulfill their call, bring God’s healing power into their lives and increasing God’s Kingdom with new souls all over the earth.