What Pastors Are Saying

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Todd Levin Ministries International.  I have known Todd for nearly twenty years since he attended and graduated from RHEMA Bible training Center in Broken Arrow, OK in 1983-1985.  His heart and ministry interest has always been with taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations.  Following that leading He arrived in the Czech Republic after service in the United Kingdom when that nation opened to the west following the fall of the Iron Curtain.  His missionary zeal led to the salvation and healing of literally thousands of Czechs in the next few years, and then his pastoral love and concern for those new converts lead him to establish a bible school and churches in the central Czech nation for the edification and the growth of God’s people.  I visited Todd and his wife Eva in 1999 and observed their ministry firsthand for a short of two weeks.  Never have I been so blessed by what God has done through a missionary work.  There were twelve churches growing and increasing in both numbers and faith in God’s word, and a dynamic bible school producing Czech ministers to staff those churches and other gospel outreaches in that nation and other European nations as well.

Today Todd and Eva have been able to turn that whole operation over with confidence in its continued growth and well being to the Czech ministers that they trained so well.  They are itinerating at this time and looking to the future when they will once again be able to repeat the work of God in another nation(s).

I commend their ministry to any who will hear first-hand of their experience, thereby catching that same vision and zeal for the lost that is present in them.  They are both committed ministers of God’s word, with great ability to impart grace and peace in every realm, spirit, soul, and body.  Please do yourself a favor and invite the Levin’s to your church or outreach for the lost.  Thank you,

In Jesus Our Lord,

Rev. Brian K. McCallum, Instructor/Former Dean RBTC

I have had the privilege of knowing Todd since 1992 wherein I met Todd not long after he had been appointed coordinator for Reach Out for Christ International Ministries in the Czech Republic by Dr. Steve Ryder, the President and Founder for Reach Out for Christ International Ministries.  This was the result of a mighty move of God’s Spirit in the nation where literally thousands of lives were touched in miraculous ways resulting in many salvations, signs, healings and wonders.

Todd served diligently in that position up until July 2000, all the while being found very faithful, loyal and devoted to this appointment earning him our sincerest respect and deepest gratitude.

Since meeting Todd in the summer of 1992 I have found him to be a man who is committed to the things of God and his calling, a man of the highest integrity, gentle in spirit yet powerful in performance.  Todd is a hard worker which is evident by the fruit produced in the Czech Republic from when it started up to his departure.  Having been in the Czech Republic on a number of occasions I am still very impressed with the work that was done there by Todd in establishing the Bible School, the many Churches, the raising up of the national pastors through the Bible School and planting them in these local churches where now they are serving our Lord.  A lot of work has gone in to establish this work of God, the major credit to Todd.

Todd is a man who preaches the word of God in truth and in faith, has a strong anointing in God wherein I can testify having personally witnessed on numerous accounts, people being healed, miracles being worked, signs and wonders happening at this man’s hands.

It was a sad day the 25th June 2000, as the graduation speaker for the Bible College that year, to wish Todd all our richest blessings as he pursued his new direction in the Lord.  It is a great loss for Reach Out For Christ International Ministries but our loss means somebody else’s gain and with that I believe that Todd, his ministry and the gifting in his life will be of great benefit into your work and ministry.  In all honesty and free of any hypocrisy, I can say that Todd and his wife Eva are a couple of the finest people I have met on this planet and with that I take great delight in referring Todd Levin and his ministry with high recommendations.

Rev. Gary Riesenweber , Vice President Reach Out for Christ Int’l Ministries

This is to verify that Todd Levin is a minister of integrity and a preacher of righteousness.  Our church has supported his missionary endeavor for about 14 years and we consider it good ground to reap a harvest.  He’s ministered for us many times at our church and has always done an outstanding job of delivering the Word with an anointing.  Signs follow the preaching of the Word in his ministry, both abroad and in the states.  There’s always been a nice move of the Spirit when he’s ministered.

Please give due consideration to this seasoned minister of the gospel.  We highly recommend him.  He will be a great blessing to the recipients of his preaching.


Pastor Cliff Reynolds, Word Alive Church

Todd & Eva have ministered several times at House of Faith over the years and have always brought a pertinent word to our body.  This year we had them back and Todd ministered from his new book, “Spiritual Signposts.”  We were so impressed with the message and felt it was such an urgent word for today, we did a ten week Bible study using the book as a guide.  The material was so relevant to everyone’s Christian walk that to our delight, we saw our attendance triple!

Pastor Duncan