Ministry Profile

Todd Levin Ministries is a nondenominational, Word-of-Faith ministry based in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania.

Rev. Todd Levin’s conversion came at a very early age of 10. Sensing the call of God, he left Oral Roberts University and began attending Rhema Bible training Center. Immediately upon graduation in 1985, Todd began ministering as a youth pastor in Okmulgee, Oklahoma for the next year and a half. Answering the higher call to missions, he left for the mission field in 1986 to the nation of Belize. There he taught in a bible school, served in the local church and helped to develop an effective Bible School Curriculum.

England was now in his heart and his next move in 1987 was to London, where doors opened to teach in Hampstead Bible School of Faith, along with being an Associate Minister in a church in Kent, a suburb of London.

It was during this time in England that Todd met Dr. Steve Ryder, the director of Reach Out for Christ Ministries. When the walls of communism fell in 1989, Todd was in one of the first groups that began evangelizing Eastern Europe with Rev. Ryder’s ministry.

In 1992, Todd moved to Bruntal, Czechoslovakia and set up ministry. It was there he met Eva, his wife who has been instrumental in teaching children, theatrical Gospel dramas, music and instructing Bible students. They have three children, Annie, Jesse, and Olivia.

While in the nation of Czech, Todd held evangelistic crusades throughout the nation, he held street meetings as well as building and directing the Bible School and Ministry. God led Todd to disciple the team of Czech pastors with times of prayer, personal training, and helping them to develop ministry strategy for the churches to the point that the Czech graduates could pastor them and begin impacting their own country for God.

The story still goes on. As Todd tells of the revival of a whole nation, faith rises up in people’s hearts. As he tells the eyewitness accounts of blind eyes opening, of deaf ears being healed, crippled walking, and of the signs and wonders on the streets of Czechoslovakia, many are saved, filled with the spirit and receive miracles themselves.

Todd is confident in knowing what God can and will do. He is very adept in transmitting the fire of God to his congregations, challenging them to fulfill their call. Two of his books, “Total Surrender” and “Spiritual Signposts” speak of dedication.

He is a witness in these last days to the power of God. “The miraculous is the key to salvation of the unbeliever,” states Todd as he continues to tell the wonderful stories of great things he has seen.