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Eva & I want to thank you in advance for your donation to this ministry.  Together we can make a difference in the Kingdom of God. Your gift continues to enable us to carry the Gospel extensively across this nation and around the world to minister God’s saving and healing power. Your gifts are making an eternal difference in the lives of many and for this we are grateful!

Together we are laborers with the Lord and we will share in the reward both for going as well as for sending others to go.  Thank you for enabling us to carry the Gospel to a hurting and dying generation.

Click the Donate button below to give a one-time or recurring donation to Todd Levin Ministries. This method is safe and secure. When you enroll in the Electronic Giving Plan, your monthly gift to Levin Ministries International are made effortlessly from your bank account or credit card. You won’t have to spend time each month writing a check and mailing it to us. And there’s no chance a check could be lost or stolen. Your gifts will arrive on time each month, even if you’re busy or on vacation!

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Enrolling in the Electronic Giving Plan sets up an electronic funds transfer (EFT) from the bank account or credit/debit card you specify directly to Levin Ministries International. Electronic Giving Plan frequently asked questions

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If you prefer to mail your donation in, please send it to the following address.

Todd Levin Ministries
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