The Dynamics of Faith (sugg. donation $35.00)


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In this 8-part CD series, we will cover the basics of faith as well as the workings and dynamics of it. Too many Christians struggle in this area simply due to either ignornance or misconceptions. In this series you will come to discover: What faith is and what faith is not. We’ll look at who has faith and then find out how much did you receive. You will learn how to release your faith and how to develop it too. You’ll also discover how to create spiritual realities in your life. Then we’ll look into the faith photo album and examine the various degrees of faith. Finally, we’ll wrap up this series by unveiling six of faith’s greatest enemies! I know your faith will grow exceedingly as you allow the Holy Spirit to increase and further your understanding through one of the most vital series that is foundational to your walk with the Lord. May God richly bless your study of His Word!