Reigning In Life As a King (sugg. donation $30.00)


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This series contains six messages that will revolutionize your walk with God. If there was one area where the enemy of our souls has a field day, it would certainly be in the arena of our minds. When believers are ignorant of their rights and privileges in Christ and the great redemptive price that has been paid, it becomes impossible for them to enjoy their freedom and the abundant life that Jesus came to give. In order for us to use the authority of the believer and reign in life as a king, then it is an absolute must that we know who we are in Christ and the price that has been paid. This series is specifically designed to bring you into a greater understanding of righteousness, who you are in Christ and what Jesus has done for you through His substitutionary sacrifice. Your prayer life is about to change forever as you discover your authority in Christ! (9-CD’s)