Living in The Land of More Than Enough (sugg. donation $10.00)


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God wants you to enjoy life on this earth. As far as poverty, lack, sickness and disease are concerned, they were never a part of Gods’ plan for man. Sin is where it all started, and like a disease when it has run its course, the result is death. With the choice before us to choose life and blessing, it seems quite obvious as to which one we should pick. However we still have a choice – to obey the word of God and enjoy plenty or to take matters into our own hands and hope for the best.

In this 2 part series we will reinforce God’s will for your life and draw a very clear picture of how things should look in your home. We will also be looking at what robs Christians of God’s best. If our only oppostiion was the devil, then we would have no worry because he is already defeated. Walking in victory requires more than just taking authority over the devil, it also includes living right before God.